What is marketing?

To business...it's everything.

Groob Strategies provides your organization a customized marketing program that includes looking at the whole picture, from how you run your business to communicating with your prospects and customers.  Marketing isn't just ads, messaging and social media. Although those are significant tools in any great marketing plan for example with a CMO. A CMO's primary mission is to facilitate growth and increase sales by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will promote brand recognition and help the organization gain a competitive advantage, so maybe a fractional CMO is the right idea. Marketing is understanding the needs of your customers, what the situation is in the marketplace and how well equipped your organization is to deliver upon those needs.

Our collaborative approach leads to solutions that are tailored for your business; to face your challenges and to chart a course for the future.  Simply put, we help you succeed and meet your goals.

  • Marketing research & growth planning
  • Advertising
  • Communication & collateral materials
  • Media relations
  • Prospect management & sales development/training
  • Digital marketing & advertising
  • Crisis planning & public relations
  • Event & trade shows