Kathy Groob's Speaker Bio

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Inspirational speaker, businesswoman, former elected official, consultant, author, and advocate for women

Gifted speaker and business leader Kathy Groob excites audiences when she talks about what it takes to build leaders and how she founded her movement to increase the number of women leaders. A business, public relations and political consultant, she is the founder and facilitator of ElectWomen.com and the author of PINK POLITICS, the women’s practical guide to winning elections.

With over thirty years in corporate America, Kathy Groob has learned a thing or two about how to become a successful woman and succeed in the male-dominated corporate world. She is an entrepreneur and served as a senior vice president at a $176 million construction and real estate company, serving as the only female executive on a 12-member executive team. Kathy was elected to her city council in 2000, served two terms and was recruited to run for the Kentucky Senate in 2008.  Her Senate campaign inspired hundreds of women to become involved and she created a bi-partisan network of campaign volunteers and supporters.

Kathy uses her gift for storytelling, sharing stories of her own success in business and of the many leaders she has met and worked with, sharing lessons in leadership and what it takes to inspire others to believe in you as a leader. Kathy speaks on a variety of business topics including leadership, teambuilding, marketing and public relations, strategic planning and general business growth and business development strategies.

Travels from: Cincinnati (CVG airport)